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For the references and stuff, read the notes in this description.

Those wondering if I'm subbing the rest of the manzai videos, well, I can't really confirm anything. I'm doing this because nobody is subbing them, and I'll only do it on my free time.

Like usual, anything I missed out or got it wrong just let me know. Anyways, enjoy! =D


  • There are quite a number of references to their previous entry, so you should watch that first. Ran starts off by answering questions that nobody even asked, a reference to Touhou Q&A About Everything. Others like "you're cute so I forgive you", Ran having big breasts etc. are also references to the previous entry.
  • Toki and Amiba are characters from Hokuto no Ken series.
  • Charming is a hunting method used by foxes, by acting playful to attract the curiosity of their prey to come closer. Ran has a spell card "Charming Siege from All Sides" that references this. Perhaps her real charming method is by using her breasts.
  • The temporary license Ran talks about is referring to the learner's license. It's the license you get before obtaining a full driver's license.
  • UFO Catcher is a reference to one of the Touhou games, Undefined Fantastic Object.
  • Takami-Musubi is one of the earliest gods which came into existence at the time when the universe is created. Kayanarumi is a god being placed by Okuninushi (the one involved in the White Rabbit of Inaba story) in a mountain in Asuka. The Asuka Nimasu shrine enshrines both Kayanarumi and Takami-Musubi though, and the shrine's focus is on fertility, so I guess they could've just get along. But in some myths, Takami-Musubi had a grandson with Amaterasu.
  • The principal of the school is Keine and the third-year senior is Mokou.
  • Area 2 in the Shinjuku district distinguishes itself as Tokyo's hub of gay subculture, housing the world's highest concentration of gay bars.
  • Amakusa Shiro is a reference to one of Samurai Shodown's bosses who looks gay. Not sure why they particularly referenced him though.
  • The person in the photo with Yukari is Toyohime, reference to Silent Sinner in Blue. It is deemed as a humiliating photo for Yukari.
  • Chen, having exchanged numbers with Toyohime who is supposed to be more of an enemy, would hurt Yukari's feelings. When Chen mocked Yorihime and Toyohime, it is actually good, but the fact that they are actually much stronger than Yukari and that Yorihime is judging this manzai, it isn't really a smart thing to say.
  • Kekkai Shoujo, meaning Boundary Girls, is the name of the group that participated in the 1st Touhou M-1 Grand Prix, consisting of Yukari and Reimu.
  • When Chen said that Yukari couldn't keep up with the tempo of this manzai, Chen is probably saying it on behalf of Toyohime.

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